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All cars permitted from 1955-1972 if available from FACTORY PRODUCTION with V-8 engines. Cars must be rear wheel drive. Cars and drivers must meet all NHRA Safety rulesfor ET and speed car will be running.Cars must retain factory steel roof and Quarters skins.No external modification of any body line or panel allowed except minimal trimming for tire clearance. Hoods required. Lightweight fenders, hood, doors, decklid, and bumpers allowed. Hood scoops allowed and may be VINTAGE, PERIOD CORRECT, OR PRODUCTION STYLE ONLY. No Pro Stock hood scoops permitted. Inner fenders must be retained with trimming for header clearance permitted. Firewall must be stock and in factory location.Stock appearing bumpers required. Full floor pan in stock location required with modifications for fuel cell and clearances permitted. No spoilers or rear wings allowed unless available from FACTORY production. Wheel tubs permitted. Battery may be relocated. Lexan and other NHRA approved lightweight windows permitted.


Interior must be finished and meet NHRA safety rules in accordance with front and rear firewalls. Dashboard must be stock style frame (lightweight permitted, must appear stock). Rear seat may be removed. Full bench seat or TWO bucket seats required in front. Aftermarket gauges permitted.


Engine must be era correct small block or big block V-8 only. Engine must correspond with manufacturer. (GM in GM, Ford in Ford, Mopar/AMC in Mopar/AMC). Any internal engine modification permitted. No dry sump oil systems allowed. Cylinder heads must look like original era correct type heads and retain stock valve cover bolt pattern. Any Intake manifold/carb combination permitted and must fit under hood scoop rule. NO fuel injection permitted. Must use on board starter and be self starting. Electric water pumps and cooling fans permitted. Must use water blocks with radiator in front. Headers and collectors permitted. 


Transmission must be OEM style manual or automatic. Planetary style manual trans prohibited. Manual trans must be clutch type manually applied and released by foot. Automatic trans may use other manufacturers in place of factory production (powerglides example). Transbrakes prohibited. If you are running a transbrake and need it for reverse, you must place a 'T' on the rear window in a circle with window marker. Transbrake may only be used for reverse. Shift aids (electric, hydraulic, or pnuematic) prohibited. Two steps prohibited. Manual trans cars may stage with front wheel line lock.


Fuel must be gasoline only. E-85 and alcohol prohibited. No power adders, must be naturally aspirated.


Aftermarket ignition permitted. No electronic throttle stops, two steps, or delay boxes allowed. No programmable ignitions allowed. No magnetos. Air/Fuel ratio components permitted. If you can plug a computer into any aspect of the ignition box, (USB PORT) it is illegal. We actually tech the cars in and we watch for this. We do NOT put up with cheating. Slew rates settings are not permitted here.


Factory type front suspension (control arms, aftermarket permitted). Rack and pinion steering allowed. Must have stock type  frame rails. Coilover shocks permitted. Strut front suspension prohibited. May use aftermarket rear suspension. 10.5W rear tire maximum. Wheelie bars permitted, must not extend past rear bumper. Aftermarket brakes and front wheel line locks permitted.


17 POINTS: Show up and pass rules tech.

10 POINTS: Competition round.

11 POINTS: Win race

7 POINTS: Best reaction time during competition. (Win or lose round) Driver's responsibility to bring timeslip to HDQTR pit for award.

7 POINTS: Closest to dial during competition. (Win or lose round) Driver's responsiblity to bring timeslip to HDQTR pit for award.

1 POINT: Chip draw bonus at each round. May be more than one chip in bag. Will be announced at draw time.

Only one of each of the 7 point awards will be given at each event. If you draw a bonus chip, you will draw again for opponent. Your car must stage and break the beams under its own power to recieve round points.

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