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Cars will be run on quarter second indexes. Indexes will be declared by racer before first round of competition and cannot be changed for the remainder of the event. Quarter mile indexes wil be from 8.50 -13.00. Eighth mile indexes will be the Quarter mile index divided by 1.56 as follows:

8.50-5.44                     8.75-5.60                     9.00-5.76                      9.25-5.92                    9.50-6.09                    9.75-6.25

10.00-6.41                   10.25-6.57                   10.50-6.73                    11.00-7.05                  11.25-7.21                  11.50-7.37

11.75-7.53                   12.00-7.69                   12.25-7.85                    12.50-8.01                  12.75-8.17                  13.00-8.33

Full .500 tree. Autostart will be used. Courtesy staging at all times. NSS and dial-in must be on windows as required by each track. (which windows). Time trials will be handled by each track. You may run as many as the track will allow. You may not run your NSS car in any other class while in competition for points.

All cars will be initially rule teched. One car will be randomly teched at each race thereafter. Rules committee will always watch all cars for violations. Any questions about any rules shall be brought to any member of the rules committee for satisfaction. Anyone caught violating rules will forfeit points AND entry money for that weekend and will no longer be able to compete till following race. Violations must be fixed to continue Series at the following race. Rule tech personnel will have final judgement on rule tech. 

In case of a weather-related cancellation during competition (competition must begin), the remaining cars will be awarded the 10 points they would have received for the next round so as not to be equal in points to the car they just defeated. If the track provides a rain date during the same weekend to finish race, you must stay and race to receive points.

Any questions on rules or procedures, please call me at 573-259-1077.


There will be a $100 Yearly Dues to join. This money is used for end of season points payout. Top ten cars guaranteed pay. Each race is $100 entry fee that is paid back 100% after track cut. Anyone wanting to pay yearly dues before first race can send $100 to:

True Nostalgia Super Stock Series

2159 HWY 50

Rosebud Mo. 63091

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